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       alfred-gpsd [options]


       alfred-gpsd can be used to distribute GPS location information over
       your batman-adv mesh network. It reads the current location from gpsd,
       or a fixed location from the command line, and distributes this infor-
       mation via alfred. By gathering this local information, any alfred-gpsd
       node can get location information about other nodes.


       -v, --version
              Print the version

       -h, --help
              Display a brief help message.

       -u, --unix-path path
              path to unix socket used for alfred server communication.

       -s, --server
              Start up in server mode. This server will read the current loca-
              tion from gpsd and set it in alfred via unix socket. The alfred
              server must run too to get this information set.

       -l, --location <lat>,<lon>,<alt>
              Rather than read the current location from gpsd, use a fixed lo-

       -g, --gpsd server[:port[:device]]
              Specify the server hostname and optional port of where gpsd is
              listening. Additionally, a specific device connected to gpsd can
              be specified.


       Start an alfred-gpsd server which is fetching GPS data from the local
            alfred-gpsd -s

       Start an alfred-gpsd server with a fixed location
            alfred-gpsd -s -l 48.858222,2.2945,358

       To get a list of GPS locations, in JSON format:
         { "source" : "f6:00:48:13:d3:1e", "tpv" : {"class":"TPV","tag":"RMC",
           "climb":0.000,"eps":31.44} },
         { "source" : "8e:4c:77:b3:65:b4", "tpv" : {"class":"TPV",
           "device":"command line","time":"2013-10-01T10:43:05.129Z",


       alfred(8), gpsd(8) gpsd_json(5)


       alfred-gpsd and this Manual page was written by Andrew Lunn <an->

Linux                            Oct 04, 2013                   ALFRED-GPSD(8)

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